• Winston Academy - Level 1 - The Withered Arm

She looked towards the town with worried eyes. Her face was paler than before. She trembled with fear, looking down the town. It was almost dark. She went into the town and found a place to stay for the night. She went to bed but her eyes were wide open. She thought of tomorrow. She thought of the hanging. 'Who can help me in the jail ? Who must I speak to ? How can I go into the jail ? Oh God, help me please!'

Rhonda Brooks works on a milk farm for the farm owner, Mr Lodge. Once Rhonda and Mr Lodge were together and they had a son. But now, there is a rumour around the farm that Mr Lodge is to marry. Everyone, especially Rhonda, begins to wonder that the future Mrs Lodge is like. Is their life going to change a lot when the new bridge comes to the town ?

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Genel Bilgiler
ISBN 9786054555987
Material Türü Hikaye
Sayfa Sayısı 64
Genişlik 13
Uzunluk 20
Cilt Tipi Amerikan Cilt
Kağıt Tipi Holman 70 gr
Ağırlık 0.072 kg

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Winston Academy - Level 1 - The Withered Arm

  • 24,00TL (KDV Dahil)

Peşin Fiyatına 3-6-9 Taksit

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