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Key is a completely new multi-level coursebook for adult learners of English. With it’s clear structure – two-page spreads for each lesson – Key offers a successful combination of motivating input and straightforward language training. The motto of the series is ‘take & teach’, and the coursebooks live up to that motto on every single page

Key concept
Each of the 12 units is divided into four two-page sections. Parts A and B introduce key language and expressions; in Part C the learner revises and consolidates what has gone before; Part D is for home-study, but can also be used in the classroom if desired. The coursebook contains full solutions to the hometudy sections so that the learner can use them independently.

The journals
The Key coursebooks each contain three sections with 7 journal pages each. The journals were inspired by in-flight magazines and offer authentic reading at an easily understandable level. Consisting of stimulating articles and photo essays, amusing quizzes and short fiction, the journals not only provide a starting point for conversation, they also give learners an opportunity to hone reading skills outside the classroom.

Bringing it all together
The final unit of each coursebook invites learners to review what they have learned, to complete their own learner portfolio and to bring their own material to the lesson.

Flexible planning
The coursebook structure makes it easy to plan lessons and whole courses. The A/B/C/D structure with each section providing around 90 minutes of teaching time ensures that the book fits into any term plan. Faster learners  can even skip the C sections, while Part D of each unit provides more than enough material for homework and extra practice. The three journal sections can either be incorporated into the lessons as a change of pace or learners can be invited to look at them in their own time. The teaching guide provides suggestions as to what teachers can do in class with the journals, if they wish to do so.

Real language from day 1

Unlike almost all of its competitors, Key puts learners and teachers in the driving seat. Learners want real language from the first lesson and teachers want to enable their learners to communicate effectively from the first lesson. That’s what Key is about: real-world language right from the start with masses of motivating input and constant opportunities to speak and interact in a genuine way.

All in one
The Key coursebooks A1 to B1 contain 12 units of 8 pages each, three 7-page journals, partner files, grammar summary, homestudy solutions, transcripts and 2 CDs with all the listening material, as well as a phrasebook for quick reference and practice on the move. The teaching package includes the coursebook components, as well as copy masters and a compact teaching guide for easy lesson planning. Key Starter – a highly motivating introduction to the English language for complete beginners – has a shorter and simpler format to get diffident learners ready for further English courses in one term. Key B2  again adopts a slightly different format to provide more advanced learners with more conversation practice.

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ISBN 9783061210557
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Sayfa Sayısı 176

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Cornelsen - KEY B1

  • Marka: Cornelsen
  • Ürün Kodu: Cornelsen - KEY B1
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